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A day trip from Matsumoto to Kiso Valley

A day trip by train from Matsumoto to the Kiso Valley in the Japan Alps: This day of hiking is an eight-kilometer-long walkway on one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Japan, between two picturesque villages along a section of the historical road hundreds of kilometers long that connected Tokyo to Kyoto.

To reach the walking route that begins in the village of Magome, take an hour by train from Matsumoto to a train station in Nakatsugawa village and from there a few kilometers by bus until the start of the route in Megome. The village of Magoma is a very picturesque village, characterized by traditional houses called Machiya with very well-tended facades rich in ornamental flowers, traditional watering channels leading to the fields and ancient flour mills that are no longer in use today. There are souvenir shops, ice cream parlors and restaurants along the main street that climbs the village. The route that begins in Magoma and ends in Tsumago has been used for hundreds of years from an old post road that passed through this area and started from Edo (Tokyo) to the Japanese Alps and from there to the south 500 km to Kyoto. The road is beautiful and varied and passes through small villages that are steeped in greenery, in a forest and among rice fields.

The walkway is clearly marked by yellow signs along its length so that it can not be lost. Notice that along the route there are signs warning bears and a bell to deter and smuggle them if necessary. In addition, be sure to prepare for the route accordingly with food and water because there are few points along the route where you can find places to buy food and drink.

Walking to the village of Tsumago, including stops at different points along the route, is about three hours. The route ends in the beautiful village of Tsumago which was founded in the early 17th century and its traditional Japanese-style houses from three centuries ago were well preserved. The village streets are made of stone and serve as pedestrian streets only. At the foot of the village there are two large parking lots for those who come with vehicles. Along the main street in the village are quite a few souvenir and art shops and several restaurants where you can finish a good meal before returning. It is highly recommended to check in advance the departure times of the bus leaving Matzogo Magoma, which arrives in the village once an hour - an hour and a half. After a 10-minute drive from Matsumago you will return to Magoma and from there you can return to Matsumoto. If you decide to end your visit to Matsumoto area, it is recommended to store the items at the beginning of the day at the Nakatsugawa train station and after the end of the walkway take the belongings and continue the train to the next destination..

The walking route begins in the village of Magome

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